Who can pre-authorize the card?

The cards are sent to the hotels. The hotel is the only one entitled to make a pre-authorization upon receipt of the card.

Why is the pre-authorization of the card refused?

Reasons for any credit card rejections:

  • Card not validated by the traveler ahead – Card >error + Customer + Information issue
  • Invalid card due to limit reach>- [encoded_tag_closed] the responsibility is on the traveler and/or the corporate card provider
  • >The card has a validity date close to or past the check-in date at the hotel the responsibility lies with the traveler.

Travelers and Travel Managers are asked to be particularly vigilant in checking these elements.

Are breakfast and tourist tax taken in charge?

This depends on your travel policy and the booked service .

Cancellation, why was my card charged? What to do in this case?

The hotel may not have recorded the cancellation in the system and a claim has to be made. . Depending on the rate conditions, a refund can be made.

What services are covered?

The service coverage includes at least the service booked online: The room and the city tax. If you have booked a service that includes breakfast and the company policy accepts it, the service will be included in the price coverage. Any additional service requested on site (parking, wifi, dinner0 is subject to validation.

Can I add a service to my reservation?

The provided services are mentioned in the company’s travel policy. The minimum service provided is the room, breakfast and city tax. You may request additional services on site. The additional expense must be validated by the company.

Why is a card pre-authorization done by the hotelier?

Hotelier’s Card Verification Procedure:
For each reservation the hotels ask for a credit card to guarantee the reservation.
A set of information is sent to the hotel upon reservation.
Subsequently, the procedures for verifying the validity of the credit card vary according to the policy of each hotel:

  • Some will not conduct any advance checks
  • Some will authenticate the card with a pre-authorization of 1€.
  • Some will authenticate the card by pre-authorizing the total amount of the reservation.

In any case of refused pre-authorization the hotels have the right to cancel the reservations.

IMPORTANT : The property reserves the right to authenticate the given guarantee card at any time after receiving the reservation. CDS Group cannot impose any rules on the hotel and does not have any knowledge of the hotel’s payment policy.

– The hotel pre-authorize a card to guarantee the reservation.

Why is my card charged before my check in date?

When you book a non-changeable/non-refundable rate, the hotel has the right to charge the stay at any time.

The hotel has not received the payment, what to do?

Please contact our customer service.

How do I get the hotel bill ?

Between a company and an individual, the billing obligation depends on the operation performed:

  • The issuance of an invoice is mandatory in case of a distance selling,
  • For services, the delivery of a note is obligatory when the amount exceeds 25 euros TTC or if the customer requests it. Only the payer is entitled to claim the invoice.


Why is my booking cancelled?

The hotelier is not entitled to cancel a confirmed reservation guaranteed by a payment.

According to its general sales conditions, the property may not honor the requested service if two main clauses are not respected:

  • The lack of warranty (invalid card)
  • Late guest arrival without informing the hotel
The hotel does not have my reservation.

If the hotel does not have the reservation, please contact CDS Groupe.

How can I get a refund?

Any refund request requires the following documents:

  • Paid invoice
  • Credit card receipt
  • The card to be credited with the expiration date or the RIB
  • If necessary, the statement of your account where the debit appears.
How to change a traveler name?

For security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to change a name on a confirmed reservation . In any case, a new reservation has to be made.

How do I cancel or change my reservation?

Any changes or cancellations must be made on the reservation system.
Post check-in modification or cancellation :

  • An ongoing or expired stay cannot be modified or cancelled unless the hotel offered a commercial gesture .

For ongoing stays, or in 3 days to come or more:

  • It is not possible to split the stay in two. You must then make a new reservation for the desired dates, and cancel the initial stay.
  • In case cancellation is not possible according to the hotel’s conditions, make a request for an early departure, then re-book on the desired dates.
Until when can I cancel my reservation?

If you are unable to attend, you can cancel your reservation if the sales conditions and cancellation policy allow it. To find out the maximum time you can cancel a reservation without penalty, you must refer to the stated conditions on your booking confirmation. These conditions may depend on the supplier(s), the hotels or the booked rates.


What to do in case of late arrival?

For any arrival after 18h00, please contact the hotel.

Why and how am I relocated?

For different reasons, hotels may occasionally overbook and are forced to turn away travelers. It is customary for the hotel to inform travelers as soon as possible that they will be relocated to a nearby property of equal or higher category and at the same rate.
– Unwarned relocation by the hotel:
The overbooking, practiced by some hoteliers leads them to have to relocate and if the hotel did not advise the customer beforehand, the latter can claim (in addition to the relocation) a refund of the stay + a commercial gesture for a future reservation.
– Why ? Some properties overbook
– How ? the hotel must offer an alternative hotel at the same rate and/or upgrade.

I cannot book my hotel. Why? What to do?

Case N°1: You select a fare, but you cannot finalize the reservation: It may be that the selected fare is no longer available. You can try to select a different rate or a different property.

Case N°2 : You wish to finalize your reservation, an error message appears : contact CDS Group and communicate the error message (make a screenshot of the error message).

The hotel is insalubrious. What to do?

If possible and if it is a long stay, you should change the hotel. Photos must also be included with the claim.

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