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CDS Groupe has been committed to CSR since 2004 and has a charter based on the International Charter of the Francophonie (OIF). This ethical charter is guided by values such as humanity, transparency, commitment and responsibility, and is committed to non-discrimination in employment.

In order to enable us to progress and demonstrate the reality of our commitments, we have decided to join the national responsible purchasing programme by signing up to the RFAR (Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing) charter at the beginning of 2022.


As a market leader in the business hotel sector, CDS Groupe is committed to an active policy of corporate social responsibility, based on the three pillars of sustainable development: Social, Economic and Environmental.

Our mission is to provide our business travel customers and partners with innovative and competitive solutions, enabling them to design and implement responsible travel policies that contribute to the well-being, comfort and safety of travellers, while reducing the negative impacts of travel and optimizing its economic and social contribution. Our commitment not only applies to our own operations, but also to the entire business mobility ecosystem, which CDS Groupe is helping to stimulate and drive towards confidence-building practices.

In this way, our Group is humbly working to ensure that the business tourism sector is no longer seen by society as ‘a problem’, but rather as a contributor to sustainable mobility solutions, enabling cultural exchanges and the reasoned growth of trade, a factor in territorial prosperity and social peace.

Ziad Minkara, CEO CDS GROUP

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CDS Groupe is supporting RCC Senegal

CDS Groupe is also strongly committed to social and environmental responsibility and supports the RCC Senegal.
There are three major objectives for this project:

  • Environmental: taking part in the Great Green Wall, which helps to prevent the desert from overtaking the population by planting trees.
  • Sporting: relaunching the partnership between RC Courbevoie and the Dakar Requins (training coaches, donating rugby equipment, etc.).
  • Education: visiting a school in Sicap Liberté 4 (a district of Dakar), donating school equipment and working with the Village Pilote association (helping homeless young people in Dakar, training them to find work).

“What a pleasure to see the young people singing, dancing and having fun together, even though they do not all speak the same language! A meeting that made them aware of another reality, but above all it showed them that sharing is universal”, says Alain from Labaca, who was there to encourage this wonderful adventure.

CSR Contact

Maeva Etheve, Executive assistant, CSR project manager

As a committed employee, Maeva Etheve is in charge of encouraging the CDS Group teams to work together on a new, meaningful corporate project.