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CDS Group has been committed to CSR since 2004 and has a charter in accordance with the International Charter of the Francophonie (IOF). This ethical charter is influenced by values such as Humanity, Transparency, Commitment and Responsibility and is committed to non-discrimination in employment.

In order to allow us to progress and demonstrate the reality of our commitments, we have chosen to commit ourselves to the national responsible purchasing program by joining the RFAR (Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing) charter at the beginning of 2022.


As a market leader in business hotels, CDS Group is committed to an active approach to corporate social responsibility, based on the three pillars of sustainable development: Social, Economic and Environmental.

Our mission is to provide our clients and partners in the business travel industry with innovative and competitive solutions, enabling them to design and implement responsible travel policies that contribute to the well-being, comfort and safety of travelers, while reducing the negative externalities of travel and maximizing its economic and social contributions. Our commitment applies not only to our own operations, but even more so to the business mobility ecosystem, which CDS Group is helping, in its own small way, to stimulate and drive towards trust-building practices.

Our group is thus acting with humility so that the business tourism sector is no longer seen by society as “a problem”, but on the contrary as a contributor to sustainable mobility solutions, allowing cultural exchanges and the reasoned growth of trade, a factor of territorial prosperity and social peace. In this context, I am convinced that purchasing is a very powerful systemic lever for changing collective practices in line with society’s expectations, In January 2022, CDS Group signed the Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing Charterwith the ambition of deepening its own commitments and accompanying the transformation of the purchasing behaviors of the players in its ecosystem.

Ziad Minkara, CEO CDS GROUP

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Involved by CSR issues, CDS Groupe continues to deploy new functionalities to support and accommodate its corporate and travel agency clients in their sustainable initiatives.

Ziad MINKARA, appointed President of the association 60 000 REBONDS Île-de-France/Normandie.
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Maeva Etheve, Executive Assistant, in charge of the CSR project

As a committed employee, Maeva Etheve is in charge of mobilizing the CDS Group teams around a renewed and meaningful corporate project.