20 April 2022

Power of the unpredictable…

Power of the unpredictable… Just a few weeks ago, with the decline in the pandemic’s impact, we were looking to the year 2022 with a note […]
16 February 2022

Patrick W. Diemer becomes a member of the CDS Group Board of Directors

21 December 2021

The mysteries of the number 7

In linguistics, the word seven comes from the Latin septem , its root of which is found in all Indo-European languages. From Tintin to the Bible, […]
6 September 2021

The only HBT on the market – Human Business Tool by CDS Groupe

At this time of the year, when the children are putting back their schoolbags, when we are wiping the last grains of sand from our bags […]
13 July 2021

Recovery is shaping around a supportive human ecosystem & a dynamic of innovation

After many difficult months during which CDS Group has acted with determination and, I believe, efficiency, summer has arrived, hope has been reborn, and it is […]