Miles & Nights by Mooncard and CDS Groupe

Mooncard joins forces with CDS Groupe and offers a new service to its customers

Mooncard, was founded in 2016 by Tristan Leteurtre, Damien Metzger and Pierre-Yves Roizot, it has become the new generation leader in corporate cards thanks to its know-how and expertise.

In just a few years, the company has established itself as a reference in terms of optimizing the management of expense reports and professional expenses by facilitating the daily lives of companies and employees. It is the only start-up to fully automate the processing of expenses and expense reports. It is one of the few to offer a card that not only targets small and large companies, but public institutions as well.

In addition to helping companies effectively manage these expense items, Mooncard is a timesaver and makes substantial savings.

Its SaaS solution has already won over more than 3,000 companies!

The booking platform

for all your hotel expenses that allows you to...

Mooncard's primary motivation is to free employees and managers from the mental burden caused by professional expenses. Among these expenses, travel is one of many concerns.

It seemed obvious to us to join forces with CDS to create this reservation platform, which, in addition to radically simplifying the reservation of hotel services without advancing personal money, will make it possible to respect the travel policy and save substantial sums to the company.

Tristan Leteurtre, President and Co-founder of Mooncard

Mooncard provides smart spending solutions for SMEs. CDS Groupe accompanies it with its hotel spending foresight.
Result: a clever complicity at the service of the traveler and the company on 4 dimensions: Choice, Control, Economy and Loyalty

Ziad Minkara, CEO of CDS Group

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